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Why booking a hotel or B&B directly saves you money

There is a prevailing assumption that you can only get the best deals for a B&B if you book with large hotel and bed & breakfast booking websites such as Hotels.com Booking.com or Expedia. However you can get a much better deal when you book directly with the accommodation provider online or offline.

You can book a room directly with Leonardo’s Guesthouse Swansea. We guarantee the lowest price for our seaside B&B in Swansea when you book directly with us.

Booking with travel agencies or booking websites does have its own benefits primarily the convenience when comparing hotel or B&B rates and having numerous options all at once. Booking a hotel directly however has three perks that most people are not aware of.

Booking directly saves you money

As stated previously this might surprise you. Bed & breakfasts and hotels are often able to offer lower rates when booking directly as they don’t have to pay a huge commission to the booking website or travel agency. This discount can be given directly to you to offer you a lower rate.

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Booking directly gives you more personalised rooms

When you book your B&B or hotel directly you can speak to the staff or owner directly and you can ask for special requests. If you require a drink or toiletries in the room these requests are easy to make. They are not always free but it will make your stay much more personalised. This is often not possible when dealing with a third party or the request gets lost in transition.

Booking directly gives you more flexibility

Third parties like travel agencies or booking sites sometimes charge you administration costs or a cancellation fee when you cancel or change your booking. When booking directly with the accommodation there are no third parties involved and mostly no hefty admin fees will be charged. Also a third party sometimes charges for extras like WiFi or breakfast but when booking directly you get much more extras for free.

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Book our B&B in Swansea directly

Support small independent B&B by booking directly

By booking directly you will support the small independent B&B’s and hotels. We do not want to discredit the booking sites or travel agencies in any way as they do have advantages. We just want to highlight the advantages of direct B&B bookings which a lot of people are not aware of.

A lot of hotels and B&B’s have their own loyalty programs which offer you more discount. At Leonardo’s B&B we offer for example discount when you sign up to our newsletter.

We will always offer the lowest rates when booking directly and WiFi and a light continental breakfast is available. Have a look at the stunning rooms we have on offer in our family run B&B and book directly for the lowest price. Alternatively call us on 01792 470163 for your booking.

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