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Temporary Accommodation for NHS Staff & Key Workers

Firstly and most importantly at Leonardo’s Guesthouse we hope everyone is safe in these testing times and that everyone will stay home and keep safe. As all other B&B’s, hotels and guesthouses we cannot accommodate guests at these times. However to help key workers and NHS staff who need accommodation on a temporary basis we have decided to open our guesthouse to NHS staff and key workers only.

It can be difficult working for the NHS or in any other key function to keep yourself safe. It can be even more difficult to protect your family members who you are living with. There can be a great risk of infecting your family members as well. Or you can find yourself in a situation that you are an agency key worker who needs to work away from home in Swansea to cover shifts of colleagues who are ill.

For those people we are offering a temporary residence in our guesthouse. We are strictly following all government guidelines of social distancing and sanitation guidelines, also we did take measures to reduce possible chance of getting too close i.e. we are only offering a take away basic continental breakfast. It is important to us that we all stay safe.

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Temporary Accommodation for NHS Staff & Key Workers

What can we offer to NHS staff & key workers?

In order for us to temporarily house NHS staff or key workers we need to ask permission to the local authority. As said we can only offer accommodation to NHS workers and key staff. Because of these restrictions we require proof that you are NHS staff or a key worker from yourself and at least one day notice so we can apply for permission. If this changes you we will update this blog with the current situation.

You will also need to book with us directly and not via an online travel agency as we need to check if your eligible to book temporary accommodation in our guesthouse.

If you need any more information or want to book temporary accommodation as a key worker or NHS staff please contact us or call us on 01792 470163.

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