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Free Parking Swansea

Like any other city in the UK Swansea parking can be an issue. We all love a location we can park for free which no one knows. At Leonardo’s Guesthouse we know that it can be difficult to park in Swansea City Centre. Our B&B is located at the Swansea seafront with stunning views over Swansea Bay. Due to this being a popular area there are some parking restrictions but we will give you some great tips to park your car around our family run B&B.

We are a family run B&B at Swansea seafront located near to the Swansea city Centre. If you want to book a room for a social or working visit to Swansea do not hesitate to book a room in our well located B&B.

Swansea seafront B&B history & parking

There used to be a lot of Bed & Breakfasts on Swansea Seafront. It was so busy that guests used to park on both sides of Oystermouth Road as well as on the central reservation (last seen on bonfire night this year, 2019).

On a strong southerly windy day, combined with low pressure and high tide, some of the cars parked would be getting literally washed with sea water as the waves crashed on to the beach wall.

With guest rooms heavily increased in Swansea and more council run car parks we no longer see these car washes as cars are now only allowed to park on one side of Oystermouth Road (the eastern direction) between the Bay View Pub and the Swansea Beach Pub.

Current free parking Swansea

These days you can still park for free on Oystermouth Road (on a double yellow line) alongside Swansea Promenade. Parking is free after 4 pm, until 8 A.M. between Monday and Friday. It is permitted until 10 A.M. on a Saturday and all day on Sundays.

Free parking is also available on most of the streets surrounding Leonardo’s Guest House, however parking in areas designated for resident only is not permitted. There is a 3-hour parking restriction in place in these areas; between 8 A.M. and 6 P.M., Monday to Saturday.

There is also the Pay-in car park option which is a two-minute walk from Leonardo’s Guest house and is very reasonable. Another Pay-in car park is at St Helen Ground, less than a 5-minute walk from us.

If you are in Swansea Bay for work you can even arrive at 4 P.M. and park just outside and you can forget about the car until 8 A.M. You can have breakfast from 7 A.M. and go about your day. Alternatively you can park on one of the streets nearby and forget about the car until 11 A.M. weekdays with no restriction on Sundays.

If you are visiting friends, visiting as a tourist or visiting Swansea University, the County Hall, the Brangwyn Hall or Singleton Hospital (also free parking for the hospital) you can arrive at 3 P.M.. You can park on any street within proximity of the Guest House and forget about the car until 11 A.M. weekdays.

If you arrive on a Saturday from 4 P.M. or later, you can park just outside our front door so you can forget about the car until 8 am on the Monday or 11 A.M. if you park on one of the streets around us.

To summarise it all as long as you follow the limited restriction rules you can park for free or for a small fee. Considering you are virtually in Swansea City Centre and at the edge of Mumbles and the Gower Peninsula these parking facilities could be seen as excellent.

Also there are no congestion charges, limited traffic restrictions or other charges to give you an unpleasant surprise on your return from your visit to Swansea.

Free Parking in Swansea

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