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Our family run B&B is situated at Swansea Bay close to Plantasia in Swansea City Centre, one of the main attractions in Swansea. We are only a ten minute drive away from Plantasia, Swansea or a walk of under half an hour following the beautiful Swansea Promenade. If you like to visit Plantasia in Swansea and want to have a relaxing stay in Swansea Leonardo’s Guesthouse B&B is the ideal place to stay. We offer stylish and comfortable single, double and en-suite rooms for a very competitive price. Being located at Swansea sea front we also offer great views of Swansea Bay. Book a room in our B&B now for your visit to Plantasia and Swansea.

Plantasia Swansea

Plantasia is an indoor zoo and tropical rain forest in the heart of the city centre. At Plantasia you can not only see a wide range of tropical plants but also an amazing collection of insects, reptiles, and fish. Plantasia has a unique glass structure and contains two climate zones. Tropical with rain forest and an arid environment.

The collection of plants includes over 5,000 sorts. Some of which are extinct from their natural habitat. Examples of plants featured are Weeping Fig, Aloe Vera, Black Pepper, Papaya and Bird of Paradise.

The collection of animals is also impressive. Plantasia is the home of over 40 different species of animals. Some of them are threatened in their natural habitat. Examples of the animals are a great collection of reptiles and parrots, the Egyptian Turtoise, Meerkats, Caiman Crocodiles and much more.

Plantasia also has a Rain forest Hut. The hut was built using the same basic principles used by forest tribes and with forest materials. You can also grab a bite to eat and choose from a range of freshly cooked Barrel & Stone pizzas in the Canopy Cafe. For more information check the Plantasia website.

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